Kate Raphael
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Kate Raphael is a freelance writer in Berkeley, California and a current student at the UC Berkeley School of Journalism. She writes about how climate change affects health, ecosystems, and policy. You can find her running trails in the Berkeley Hills or on Twitter @KateRaphael_

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Sharing Science Across Barriers

Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, an urban landscape of metal and concrete, Miguel Mendez had limited access to open spaces, and always dreamed of traveling. Yet there in the city, he got his first introduction to environmentalism. “In some of the places I lived in Chicago, environmental activists are fighting air pollution and the limitation on parks,” Mendez says. Many of those groups have been there for years, and as he grew up, Mendez internalized the importance of preserving and advocating for a safe environment for all communities. When he was about to enter ninth grade, Mendez applied for a scholarship to an environmentally focused high school. So instead of walking into a classroom his freshman year, he found...
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