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Question of the Month?

Every now and then we’ll publish your best answers to our question of the month or week, along with a photo and brief bio! Weirdest species, funniest experience, latest technique, coolest project, interesting insight, slipperiest shore, nerdiest science, crudest monitoring device, worst time ever stuck in the bay mud, close encounter of the estuary kind, …  You name it, we will try to come up with some mind-bending questions and answers.



Photo: Rick Lewis

Best Visuals Ever

Our magazine is always looking for striking, high resolution photos, art, maps, cartoons, video clips or other images.  Professional or amateur, we encourage you to introduce us to your work. We’re looking for shots of waterfronts, creeks, fish, birds, wildlife, people and water, farming, restoration, flooding, infrastructure, boating, shipping, dredging, hiking, playing, fishing — anything that takes place in, on or around the San Francisco Estuary, the Delta, or its watershed that relates to its health and resilience.


Photo: Rick Lewis

Comment or Suggest?

Do you have something to add to an ESTUARY or Pearls story? Or have an idea for a story we should cover, person we should profile, project we should investigate, place we should explore? Maybe you have a response to an opportunity we’ve floated or a request for feedback or volunteers? Maybe you’d like to write something for us? Please get in touch with your ideas, comments, and suggestions.




Photo: Rick Lewis