Estuary News
December 2016

The December issue describes how stormwater regs are being used to shift the homeless away from creeks and towards services, as well as options for relocating the Estuary’s orphan species. It also highlights projects designed to grow more fish food in the Delta, why plastic can smell like bird food out in the ocean, and […]

Estuary News
September 2016

This issue explores historic places in the Delta, discusses options for keeping Highway 37 dry and surrounding habitats wet,  and reports on Bay Area preparations for drought and sea level rise. Other stories cover key purchases in watershed headwaters, new non-lethal techniques for testing sturgeon for selenium, and the 25th anniversary of the RMP.

Estuary News
June 2016

The June issue covers the latest on climate change adaptation with the watershed — from managing forests to increase snowpack above the San Joaquin Valley to re-imagining a derelict urban shipyard and prioritizing shoreline investments based on new decision making tools. Other stories preview the 2016 CCMP and delve into its history, and touch on topics […]