Estuary News
December 2019

This issue summarizes findings and insights from 115 speakers at the 2019 State of the Estuary conference in Oakland. Highlights include new research on the food preferences of salt marsh harvest mice, how drones can improve monitoring of landscape changes, initiatives to upgrade various aging infrastructure to address emerging contaminants of concern and climate change, […]

Estuary News
September 2019

The September issue covers progress on the region’s 20-year-old invasive spartina eradication program and concerns about contaminated Camp Fire runoff into Butte Creek, and resulting Chinook salmon survival. The issue also follows a group of women walking the entire Bay Trail, profiles the new chief of the SF Regional Water Board, and describes the recent […]

Estuary News
June 2019

This issue explores the rainbow flavors of infrastructure — green, blue, living, nature-based, multi-benefit. As regional regulators require more from municipalities on the stormwater management front, many are developing more specific plans, building demo projects, and expanding rain gardens, pervious parking lots, and tree wells. This issue also describes the construction of the region’s fifth […]

Estuary News
March 2019

The March issue explores past and future water quality monitoring programs in San Francisco Bay, ranging from the 50-year old USGS program now facing an uncertain future to new buoys monitoring ocean acidification due to climate change and a proposal for a regionally coordinated effort to track wetland outcomes. Other stories chase salmon scientists up […]