Science Action on Film — June 2014

Science Action On Film — Pick of the Month

Send your action photos or movies with an explanatory caption (San Francisco Bay & Delta watershed only)

California Department of Fish & Wildlife biologist Jennifer Messineo submitted this series from a June 17, 2014 survey of the South Bay aboard the RV Longfin captained by Kent Hespeler. The crew of 4 — including Messineo, deckhand Aaron Ngo, and scientific aid Andreas Raisch — sampled South Bay stations between Coyote Point and the Dumbarton Bridge. They towed two different types of nets: the otter trawl, which samples along the bottom, and the midwater trawl (being deployed in one of the pictures), which samples the pelagic community. Such cruises began in 1980 and involve monthly outings in different parts of the Bay to study the effects of freshwater outflow and other factors on the abundance and distribution of fish, shrimp, and crabs in the San Francisco Estuary. On this cruise they also landed an unusual creature called a Shovelnose Guitarfish (see photos). All large fish are measured and returned live to the Bay whenever possible. San Francisco Bay Study

Andreas sorting sample Andreas holding guitarfish Andreas & Shovelnose GuitarfishAndreas & Aaron leopard sharksAaron & Andreas emptying netShrimp MWT Juvenile Leopard Shark

Deploying MWT California Tonguefish